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Name: Erik Magnus Lehnsherr (aka Magneto)
Canon: X-men cinematic (the prequels)
Scrubs Color: MAGENTA
Visible Age: 40s?
Gender: Male
Height: 6ft
Physique: Lanky
Complexion: Caucasian
Hygiene: well-groomed
Hair: Brown with a tinge of red in the right light; his beard his much redder
Eyes: Blue
Defining Marks: A tattoo on the inside of his left forearm.
Accent/Speech: He speaks with an English accent.
Bearing/Demeanor: He's very confident and sure of himself, proud to be what he is, and it's apparent in the way he carries himself.
Gait: Normal
Habits: Fiddling with bits of metal. He keeps his living spaces as clean as he can, but when he's trying to organize information, he'll spread it all out everywhere.
Skills: He can control metal, but since he doesn't have those powers in this game, I won't go into too much detail here. As for his non-metal-wielding abilities:

  • Genius Intellect - Magneto is extremely intelligent (on par with Professor X), with him excelling in the construction of machinery, notably helping Professor X construct Cerebro, and later successfully utilizing Dark Cerebro). He is generally a very sophisticated man, well-read on many topics. He is also a highly skilled chess player.
  • Master Strategist - Magneto is an excellent strategist, tactician, and leader, having successfully tracked down and killed multiple former Nazis on his own (even managing to locate Sebastian Shaw), originally helping Professor X lead Division X, and later successfully leading his Brotherhood of Mutants (which once included the Omegas) against Charles' X-Men on many occasions.
  • Master Manipulator - Magneto is an expert at bending others to his will through both his persuasive words and affable charm, with him notably swaying Mystique, Pyro, Juggernaut, Multiple Man, Emma Frost, the former Hellfire Club, and the Omegas to his cause. This aids Magneto in getting other mutants to join him, which is how his infamous Brotherhood of Mutants was first formed.
  • Multilingual - Magneto is fluent in at least six languages - his native German and Hebrew, as well as English, French, Polish, and Spanish. It's also likely that he is proficient in Yiddish as well, given his history and the fact that Yiddish is essentially a mix of German and Hebrew, both languages he is fluent in.
  • Indomitable Will - Magneto has immense determination and willpower, with him striving to complete his tasks, no matter the cost, regardless of seemingly insurmountable odds.
    Skilled Combatant - Magneto was fairly skilled in hand-to-hand combat in his youth, easily stopping a Nazi from stabbing him, gaining the upper hand in a fist fight with Professor X, as well as physically overpowering both an untransformed Beast and Professor X when they attempted to stop him from killing Mystique.
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